Animoto turns your photos and video clips into professional video slideshows in minutes. Upload your photos, add some text, choose your music, and've got yourself a music video!

Ideas for Using Animoto in Library Class:
  • create your own booktrailers
  • starring roles in reward movies for contest winners ("you'll be featured in our music video!!" )
  • A Day in the Library
  • "How to..." videos (examples: how to use self-check out, how to use a shelf marker, how to use the Dewey Decimal system)
  • highlighting new books
  • public service announcement
  • humorous: "What Happens to Students Who Don't Pay Their Fines"
  • Introduction for a new unit or project
  • Visual keepsake of student projects or artwork.

Book Trailers:

Reward Video: Winners Featured in our "Encyclopedia Wars Video!"

Daily Objectives for Animoto Lesson (9/26)
  • Students will use Animoto to combine writing summaries, media and visual literacy, and technology skills to create an awesome product that will express their enthusiam for and understanding of a book they are reading.
  • Students will demonstrate personal productivity by using technology to organize and display their knowledge and understanding in ways that others can view, use, and assess.
Because this is a "Virtual Classroom" lesson:
  • Students will demonstrate an ability to follow verbal and written instructions embedded in the class wiki in order to guide their own learning about Animoto and its potential uses in our class.
Library Procedures:How to Check Out a Book!

Add Your Ideas and Examples Below: