Audacity is free online open-source software that you can access at

Be sure to download both the software and the LAME file (for converting to mp3).
Instructions below:

Ways to Use Audacity in Library Class:
  • Booktalks by librarian
  • Booktalks by Guests
  • Booktalks by the students themselves
  • Poetry Slam
  • younger children reading
  • Radio Show:
  • booktalks
  • Interview teachers: "What is Your Favorite Book?"
  • "interview" characters from books
  • music (our little kids have plenty of "library songs" that we sing)
  • music (compose something that represents a book or character.)
  • step-by-step directions for a substitute teacher to follow during classtime

Fourth Graders' Favorite Books

Here's a sample worksheet for
Book Radio Interviews:



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