Ways to Use Cartoons/Graphics in Library Class:

  • Library Procedure Posters
  • Book Care Posters
  • Tell a library joke or riddle
  • Haiku
  • Create a graphic novel of a famous tall tale
  • Create a graphic of a poem
  • Create a graphic novel of a scene from the book you are reading
  • Create a poster advertising a book or author
  • Make "Story Mix-ups": create a cartoon of a famous story ("Goldilocks and the Three Bears"), then cut up the panels and challenge young readers/listeners to put the story together in correct sequence.
  • Library Comic Strip
Some Comics-Making Sites:


(toondoo also has an educator account)

Comic Life--google it and sign up for a free trial.


Assignment: turn your favorite joke into a comic strip. Skills needed: sequencing, visual literacy, dialogue, planning.


Add your ideas and examples below: