Make your own word cloud! I give the students this URL so that it takes them PAST the gallery (which can contain inappropriate wordles):

Check out what Michael Gorman has to say about Wordle in this awesome blog post:


Ways to Use Wordle in Library Class:
  • Ask groups to create wordles for each of the Dewey Decimal categories
  • Wordle a book
  • Wordle a character(s) from the book...or...create a wordle from a character's point of view
  • Wordle of library or technology terms
  • "Get to Know You" --ask students to create a wordle of themselves: their activities, hobbies, favorites, books, movies, etc.
  • Introduce new books with a Wordle (include a picture of the book cover)
  • Genre wordles (can assign to groups)
  • Famous fairy tale wordles (don't include the title or character names...then ask students to guess which tale is represented)
  • Wordle your favorite poem
  • Wordle the book synopsis
  • Library Signs
  • Alphabetical Order Wordles
  • Author Wordles (using Authors from our bookshelves)
  • Author/Illustrator Biography Wordles (used Worldbook to research the author, found book titles, etc.)

8th graders:
5th graders:

3rd graders: Dewey Wordles



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